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TUTORIAL: Track Your Trade With Alerts

By April 6, 2021No Comments

Let us take the burden off, and let you know when to check in on your strategy.

With alerts you won’t miss out on a great buying opportunity, you’ll know when to adjust your strategy, and you’ll be able to set that stop loss reminder with a sigh of relief.

Alerts fall into two main categories: performance-based, and time-based.

Set Up Your Alerts!


Enter a Strategy

Click on a strategy you'd like to edit alerts for.

Select Alerts Tab

Click on the bell tab to the right side of your strategy.
Then play around with the toggles to customize your alerts!

Made Updates to Your Strat?

No problem! Any updates you make to your strategy will be automatically adjusted in your alerts.
Alerts Tab for InFabric Strategy
Alerts Panel for InFabric Strategy

Performance-Based Alerts

These are your alerts for strategy tracking. Making sure your portfolio is in tip top shape. 

Performance Per Contract: 

  • Entry Price Reached: Set a price you’re willing to buy an options contract for. When it falls to that price you’ll know right away.
  • Optimal Until Date Reached: Your AI Assistant, InFabric Eve, helps you optimize your strategies by providing an optimal until date, in other words, the furthest date you should hold your contract. Getting an alert here means if you haven’t exited the contract already, you’ll be reminded today may be the day you should consider.
  • Contract Profit Target % Reached: Per contract, you can set a profit target to track contract performance. If you want to make a certain percentage on an option and don’t want to hold it beyond that, this is for you. 
  • Contract Stop Loss % Reached: If the performance of your option falls to the stop loss percent you set for it, you’ll receive an alert so you can get out fast.

Performance for Overall Strategy: 

  • Strategy Profit Target % Reached: If your overall strategy reaches the target percent profits you’ve set, you’ll receive an alert. When your plan is to get out with gains but minimal risk, go for this alert.  
  • Strategy Stop Loss % Reached: For your strategy, you can set a stop loss percent. If the performance of your entire strategy falls to the stop loss percent you set for it, you’ll receive an alter to get out fast. 
  • Success Rank Upgrade/Downgrade: Your AI Assistant, InFabric Eve, creates success rates for each strategy. She tells you how likely it is that you’ll make money in the strategy. If the success rate ever changes due to a shift in the market, you’ll know exactly when to adjust your position with this alert. 

Time-Based Alerts

These are general alerts for tracking daily and weekly performance. You’ll know exactly how your strategies are carrying out. 

  • Daily Performance Update: At the end of each trading day you’ll receive a breakdown of how each contract in your strategy is performing. 
  • Weekly Performance : At the end of the week you’ll get a clear sense of how hard your strategy, and each contract in it, has been working to earn you that money.

To have the best portfolio it’s all about adjusting to the market when you need to. Alerts will help you keep up with the ever changing market without being glued to the charts. 

Timing and positioning are key – Alerts help get you there!   

Elevate Your Strategy with InFabric Eve!