These are strange times. 2020 hit us hard, and hopefully this year is getting its last punch in. 

For everyone practicing social distancing, the world thanks you for your cooperation. With isolation however comes new ways to learn how to live as we used to. Instead of going to work, we now work from home, instead of studying at university, we now study from home.  

Today we’re sharing some of the hottest apps being used right now, and how to use them in a superior way with InFabric! 

Learn and study from home.

Whether you’re finishing classes remotely, teaching remotely, homeschooling your kids, or simply looking for something better to do than re-organize that cupboard again, exercising your brain will always be beneficial. 

Khan Academy is widely used as a tool to further understand and study concepts. It won’t replace school courses but if you’re having trouble, getting a different perspective has been proven to work wonders in understanding concepts. 

During school closings, Khan is even providing daily schedules for students age 2-18. Extremely helpful while trying to navigate homeschooling for the first time. Khan provides career advice, personal finance tips, and even SAT and LSAT practice! I’ve been enjoying ‘Interviews with Entrepreneurs.’   

Remind is currently the #1 school communications app. Damn, how far we’ve come! Teachers use this app to communicate directly with parents instead of sending home flyers with their students, which is especially beneficial in these times. Highschool teachers also use it to contact students, since they’re way more likely to check their phone rather than an email. 

Remind provides one place for teachers to send files and handouts or for students to ask questions either individually or in groups, all while keeping personal contact information private.  

Keep in touch with coworkers and loved ones.

There a few reasons to stay connected during this time. Either you need to get work done in a team, or you’ve crashed into boredom. Maybe both. Alone time is great until there’s no end in sight. We can still be social while social distancing! 

Houseparty is the new way to feed that social butterfly craving. Meet new people by group video chatting with friends, and friends of friends, and friends of those friends. Share your screen with others, and even play games together.  

Social apps like Houseparty is especially great if you have friends or family who are out of the country, or aren’t reachable through phone. Avoid those international fees!  

 Zoom Cloud MeetingsIf you haven’t already heard of this one, where have you been?! Zoom is #1 in business apps for a reason! It’s wildly easy to use, audio and video quality is great, and takes zero time to get started.  

The fact that it’s free makes it a no-brainer for teachers to utilize to app to provide virtual lessons, whether it be them presenting with a board, or sharing their screen to display a lesson. Zoom has provided coworkers with a way to stay connected and productive, and others have been using it simply as a friend/family catch up. 

Browse breaking headlines.

The news is not the most pleasant thing to be reading constantly, but we all want to stay in the loop. InFabric will allow you to know what’s happening without needing to check. Get the news you need without the constant reminder of the pandemic we are in.  

The Washington Post or CNN showcase quite popular daily headlines of world newsYou probably weren’t reading the news through a newspaper anyway, but today may be the day you decide to officially download the app. I’m not sure about you but watching the news is one step away from sorrow, so I tend to stay away if possible.  

Quickly browsing titles allows you to read the information you want to know and move on. CNN even offers live video. Also, comics still exist so that’s a good way to end your daily journalism intake.  

Breaker on the other hand, offers curated journalism through audio.  The #1 social podcast app is a great option if you’d rather be updated quickly while doing the dishes, or cooking dinner. Listen while you’re on your way to the grocery store or taking a walk. There are loads of options to listen in on, from The Daily News, to articles on how Covid-19 has been affecting people in various situations, all the way to robots. 

You can share and comment on podcasts, save custom playlists, and follow topics your friends or family are listening to. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy the feature to increase the speed. Not sure why I’m like this but to all my fellow speed listeners, I empathize 

Navigate your health and mindset.

Staying healthy both physically and mentally is important to focus on. Stress can weaken your immune system, and that is exactly what we don’t want especially during these trying times. Stay busy in a positive way!  

Wakeout is a great workout app for the current work from home, study from home, busy every day from home people out there. They offer simple workouts geared toward busy work-life normally, so sitting on a couch is a starting point.  

Seriously – there’s a video of how to do a couple exercises even in your bed still. If you have the time and energy for something more challenging, I’d suggest Zova.

Stoic is on the other side of the spectrum of health. This app helps to train your mental health. Philosophy guided journaling. Being at home all the time tends to blur the lines of relaxation versus work time. This app guides you to prepare your day with a morning routine, reflect on your actions in the evening, exercise refraining from negative emotions, and receive personal insights on what influences your mood.  

May not sound like something you’d be interested in normally, but if you’re really going through it during isolation it may be just what you’re looking for.  

Browse meals to cook or order.

Since being home way more often than usual, you may have learned some things about yourself. That you either love cooking every meal, or you absolutely hate it. Also, maybe you’re not as great a chef as you imagined.  

Mealime is your answer here! Personally, I’ve been looking for a recipe app for ages but they all seem to require so many ingredients. I’m not willing to run to the store for one garlic clove, especially in these times. This app has such great recipes requiring little effort, minimum ingredients, and they’re quick! 

Even if your meals aren’t so awful, right now Mealime is offering their feature that curates a meal based on what’s in your pantry. So great knowing fresh ways to use up all of your ingredients before having to make another grocery run!  

DoorDash is the app of choice to help your favorite local restaurants. Choose contact-free delivery at checkout, and enjoy as if you’re in the outside world! Simply ordering take-out is a great way to shake things up a bit. Let it feel like a Friday again dammit!  

DoorDash is offering a package of commission relief and marketing support for new and existing partner restaurants in hopes of easing the hardships that come with empty tablesThey have even joined forces with community organizations to deliver an estimated 1 million pounds of groceries/prepared food to some of the most vulnerable to COVID-19We love to support companies who support. 

We hope you utilize these tips to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane in these trying times.

We’re in this together. Individually united.  

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