Let’s be realhome automation can seem overwhelming. Where do you even begin? There are so many ways to approach this, but what are the ways that will work best for me? 

At InFabric we believe in customization. Not every person is the same, so not every person’s way of living will be the same.  

Keep reading to see how to create your perfectly customized home automation set up: 

1. The Game Plan

What do you want out of home automation? Take into account how you use your home currently. Do you change the temperature often? Do you check your fire alarms once a year? Do you want to start? 

Figure out the purpose for home automation in your life. It could be for efficiency, such as saving money on your utilities. How about convenience – you’ve spent too many times trying to remember if you locked the door or turned the stove off, or you’re tired of having to vacuum multiple times a week trying to keep up with the fight against pet dander. Or, as plenty of home automation is geared toward, safety and security could be the reason for home automation. 

2. Pick Your Tools

Okay now you have your goals set, and a few tasks in mind. Next step, you’ll need the correct tools!  

For those new to home automation, you would typically need a central hub, or gateway, to work as a translator to ensure compatibility between devices that may not speak the same language. Good news, InFabric becomes this hub. This means you’re not limited to what you want to connect. You can use regular old sensors, or Nest, EcoBee, Amazon Cloud Cam, Hue Lights, Ring Video Doorbell… the list goes on and on.

3. Set Aside Time

Home Automation will require a bit of time and patience. You’ll need to hook up any sensors you’ve purchased, plug in devices, and connect everything to your WiFi network  

You may notice as you’re using the new set up that you want to make changes. The beautiful thing about using InFabric is that you can always change what you want. Add more devices, sell a device you don’t enjoy. We understand that your needs will always be changing as you go into different phases of your life, different homes, different environments. No matter the change, InFabric has your back 

We spend so much time thinking about the next event, the next meeting, the next errand to run. Home automation brings a bit of calm back into our livesIt allows us to take back our peace of mind when our world gets hectic (when isn’t it?!). It also lets us be in control of our home from anywhere in the world! Quite amazing, really.  

Join us in becoming part of the future that is home automation!  

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