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As life becomes more and more hectic, I’m sure your calendar has either turned into an overwhelming mess or you simply just use it way less often than you used to.  

How many times can we really reschedule that meeting? I’m sure I’ll remember to stop by the store for milk, I don’t have time to add that to the calendar. When was the last time I had a haircut 

Over at InFabric, we love solving the nuances that impact our everyday lives. We want one app that can get everything done for us, and one major part of the hustle lifestyle we’ve all fallen into is scheduling appointments.  

Location Concerns:

There are reasons InFabric is backed by powerful artificial intelligence. It uses this cutting-edge technology to customize to your every need. It learns your contacts, calendars, tasks, so it can do the work for you. 

If you’re traveling to a different time zone, you won’t need to remember to account for the time difference when scheduling appointments or events because InFabric already hasNo more side eye to your accidental 11pm meeting inviteand way more hope for some jetlag recovery. 

Even more, InFabric will always make sure your location doesn’t affect your punctual streak. “When I have a morning meeting at the office, do schedule an UberX to pick me up 20 minutes before the time of the event.” Done! Now you’ll always be on time! 

Automatic Booking:

Whether you’re scheduling with 1 person, or 15, sometimes finding a time that works is the biggest hurdle. I’ve definitely found myself on horribly tedious email chains ready to throw in the towel or rip my hair out. Either would have led to a better recovery than another moment wasted just setting up the damn thing, am I right?!   

With us, automatic bookings work whether or not everyone in the invite list uses InFabric. It could be as simple as “schedule a meeting with John Doe this week, or in the case of our non InFabric friends, InFabric will reach out on behalf of you until there’s a time that works with everyone’s calendar. No more email chains for you – InFabric takes the heat on this one. 

InFabric will compare both calendars to automatically check both attendees’ availability so you don’t have to. Reminders will be sent, video conferences will be started automatically so both parties just need to show up, and each person’s calendar will have the event booked without lifting a finger. 

Customized Alerts:

With the main hurdles accounted for we can’t forget to actually remember the appointment! Alerts are so helpful with a crazy busy schedule, but everyone utilizes alerts in different ways. InFabric is so customizable that you can decide exactly how you want to be reminded. 

Are you the type that wants to know every event in advance? Maybe just the appointments you need to prepare for? Or you just want an alert for the first event of the day. Weave the fabric as you wish! 

Manually scheduling appointments in year 2020 seems bizarre. Remember when theorists were predicting flying cars as being the norm by now? Yeah, a little far-fetched, but the point still stands – simple hurdles still haven’t been resolved. We’re changing that. 

Let InFabric custom automate the tedious scheduling process, and let you focus on getting the damn thing done! The important things, the things that require actual brain power, you know, the useful societal contributing things. The world thanks you in advance for all the accomplishments you’ll have time for now, we promise.


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