Valentine’s Day brings out many forms in us. Let’s call them the seasoned professional, the eager, and the solo. Do you picture someone in your life for each? Which one are you?

No matter which relates to you, there is a way to make the day better – automate it!

Now, the key to success on this Valentine’s Day is to remember. That’s right. Just remember.

Better yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

For the seasoned pro – the long-term relationship one, the married one, the not married but living like they are one:

For the eager lady/fella - the always excited, can’t wait for celebrations, and doesn’t want to risk anything going wrong one:

And then we have the solo one – the one everyone can relate to at some point in their lives, the one who is so eager to get home from work change into sweats and enjoy the night with their fur friend:

Valentine's Day Remind me of all events in my holidays calendar 3 days before the date
On February 13, send a sneaky reminder to partner that my favorite flowers are white roses
When pizza is delivered, have Alexa say "solo dolo pizza has arrived"
Valentines Day Text me to pick up flowers at 12:00pm
Schedule Uber from current location to Bar Wayo at 10:30pm
When I'm home, start playing Always Be My Maybe movie on Netflix

Next tip, and I can’t stress this enough: have a plan. Any plan.

No plan is worse than literally any plan you could possibly think of.

Again, for our seasoned professional. Surprise your lady or fella with flowers on their lunch break. Pick them up on your way over. Fresh flowers are always best.

To our eager seekers, keep the night alive by always having the next step ready.

And back to my personal favorite, the solo paradise. Be ready to chill the second the work day ends. What a blessing.

No matter how you like the celebrate, InFabric wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! From our family to yours!

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