We’re still in the first month of the new year and the struggle is real. Why are there always so many things to do? Does life ever get easierIf you’re doing it rightmy guess is probably not.  

Especially in today’s world with information being demanded so readily, it’s easy to find yourself being bogged down. We promiseyou’re not alone! 

The key is to understand what works for you. There’s no one-fits-all approach to finding a rhythm. You may even notice your most effective approach may differ depending on the task at hand. 

In this post we’re sharing tips and tricks on how InFabric can amp up these tools in order to clear up your calendar, clear up your mind, and most importantly realign your goals! 

Productivity -Send message "what has worked, and what hasn't worked last month?" to social media group on first of every month -Set "Remind me about this" on any message that includes the word Meet or Meeting
No. 1


Slack calls themselves your email replacement. The amount of time wasted on checking emails every morning should be shameful, so I am all in with this one.  

The greatest qualities about Slack ithat it’s quick to set up and can be used on mobile and desktop.  

If you notice your inbox mostly consists of project coordination (university students and entrepreneurs, we’re looking at you), then this could be the path to smooth delivery.  

No. 2


If lists are what ease your mind, the creators of Trello did a phenomenal job perfecting this 

Do you seem to have a million things on your mind at once? The advice we often hear is to write it down, so you won’t need to think about itTrello is this concept taken up a notch. 

The only struggle with a to-do list is not getting overwhelmed by how much you want to achieve! (That’s where InFabric comein.) 

Productivity -Text me Trello "inspiration" card on first of every month -Add Trello "Moving List" to my Google Calendar for next Saturday -Email the Trello "Babysitter List" to Susy every Monday at 5:00pm
Productivity -Create new hire timesheet for John in Toggl -Any Timer with "for client John Doe," make billable -Email me when more than 5 hours was spent on Project "Website Creation"
No. 3


Toggl is fantastic for improving time management skills. You’re able to track time spent on tasks broken down by projects or clients, allowing yourself or your team to learn how to stay productive. 

Gone are the hours spent trying to remember exactly which pieces of the puzzle were done today, because let’s be real, when was the last time you were able to complete any project start to finish in a day.  

We’re living in a complex world requiring complex strategy. Toggl can help keep you on track and keep that productivity maintainable. 

No. 4

Day One

This number one journal app can be a life saver when trying to maintain efficiency. Ideas, lists, media, daily thoughts, and so much more can be saved in this app. 

If you’re working in a creative field or like to be creative in your free time, Day One can be especially useful.  

I’ve found that cleansing the mind closely relates to organizing thoughts. A journal for blog ideas here, a journal for memories there – it’s a never-ending projection of thoughts that can later be combined to form a workable idea. 

Productivity -Save Twitter tweets to Day One -Save Instagram pics with "#journal" to Day One -Email all items tagged "Project Development Ideas" to my work email
Productivity -Text me my LastPass Quickbooks password -Email me when a password hasn't been updated for over a year
No. 5


Now, suggesting this password management tool LastPass to be your next productivity app download could seem a little out of place, but hear us out.  

Picture yourself all set and ready to enter checks received into Quickbooks, or all set to dive into Slack to see how your project is moving alongand lo and behold, the dreaded ‘incorrect password’ pops up in red. That horrid red 

No time feels more wasted than searching for that password or setting up a new one. It’s simply time taken away from a productive day!  

The only way to be more productive is to figure out what’s is blocking that path and getting through the problem head on. With these tools it just became a hell of a lot easier to achieve!  

Now get out there and get ready to take 2020 by storm!  

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