Live through the Stock Market like Never Before

Collect the fragments that build the future world
Artificial Intelligence performs on canvas in real-time
Your Moment, Your Fate, Your NFT.

InFabric Fates

P a t e n t P e n d i n g
Stock Market

The journey your stock market security endures is the heart-line of its existence.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Patent Pending AI technology illustrates the perspective of each stock chart, drawing each living moment day by day.

Memories as Art

A fragment in time is transformed into artistic expression developed solely by AI, to create entirely unique works of art.


Each card is a collector’s piece – entirely unique and never repeated – allowing you to own a completely rare work of art as rare as the memory it represents.

A new way to invest

in the Stock Market.

NFT is a Million Dollar Market. Be part of it!



This Art captures history in real time. Each memory is represented as a token on your canvas, with only AI knowing how it will develop with each passing moment in the Stock Market.

This is History as Artistic Intelligence.



Watch your canvas transform as your Stock Market memories do. Collect pieces of history reflected as incomparable, AI-produced Art.

As vibrant as life itself, this is Living Art.


The Market

NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are unique investments to be worth up to millions more in the future. We believe in NFT because they work the same as the Stock Market - buy low, sell high.

Expand your portfolio with NFT.

Own History. Today.

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