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Connect the Disconnected

From connecting devices, apps, or goals, we’ve got you covered.

Automate Your Life

Simply create a task and forget about it. Whether large or small, InFabric gets it done.

Supercharge Your Goals

InFabric is able to customize your life. InFabric creates the most effective approach to getting you to your goal.

Anticipate the Unexpected

As your world changes, your fabric changes with you (InFabric, that is).

Goals: From Simple to Complex

“Turn my lights on at sunset every day.”
“Sync Amazon Alexa To-Dos with my Reminders.”
“Always mute my Android phone at bedtime.”

These are only some of the tasks InFabric can achieve for you. Ask it anything you can think of, and never worry about it again. InFabric learns with you through it’s incredible power of no-code and AI.

No Fabric is the Same

Each person has unique goals and unique problems. InFabric’s Artificial Intelligence allows you to utilize the most customized solutions possible.

As your needs change your InFabric instinctively changes with you. That’s right – Your InFabric will naturally adapt to your unique way of living.

Do More With InFabric

“Save up for my own house”
“Commit to health and wellness”
“First Semester: Keep me on track”

InFabric not only utilizes devices and applications by allowing them to work together – we take it one step further.  We develop a greater meaning through those connections.

InFabric provides customized solutions which continuously adapt to each individual or business need as they change with time.

We're Unlike Any Other

These are the some of the ways we stand out from the crowd:

  • No-Code Define your processes in the most natural way possible: human language.
  • Ultimate Automation Seamlessly translate your tasks into fully automated process, and never think of it again.
  • Personalized Your fabric is unique to you – literally. Internal workings of InFabric form differently for each person as it automatically adapts to your unique way of living.
  • Ever Adapting Whether you start with a single process or a thousand, InFabric grows alongside your needs to provide your most customized results.
  • Artificial Intelligence Through the power of AI, InFabric has the incredible ability to adapt and progress with life’s ever changing variables.

So hand over that list - We've got you covered.