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InFabric Flow

Build market-beating portfolios with our Patent-Pending platform, Flow.

Build portfolios resilient to downturns while capturing tremendous gains in any market. We break down the complexities of stock market movements into a clear, simplified, strategy building platform.

Beginners to Pros alike gain the bleeding edge with Flow.


Looking for the highest returns? Options are the answer. Flow takes it to the next level.
We analyze millions of data points so you can make the best decision and take home the highest profit.


Deeply analyze and backtest stock strategies. Gain clear understanding of market movements through visuals. Build a better, balanced portfolio.


Diversify your portfolio. Capture entire market segments. Go global. Whether you’re looking to trade actively or passively, Flow has you covered.

As much as 90% of people lose money in the market.

Don’t let it be you.

Before Flow

Investing is complex, making it difficult to start and difficult to maintain.

You’re unable to see the fullest picture. This makes you blind to profitable opportunities, with loss just waiting to catch you. 

Your every loss is someone else’s gain. That profit you didn’t catch – someone else caught it. And they’re using Flow.

With Flow

We bring clarity to the complex world of investing by bringing the full power of artificial intelligence to your fingertips. 

Advanced intel provided by Flow dramatically reduces chances for unexpected losses, even when the market is volatile.

Investors either have the tools to win or not. We are those tools.

Clarity Through A.I.

Strategies are analyzed by Artificial Intelligence shown as a Flow line, allowing you to see millions of outcomes at a glance

Identify Success

See what will fail. Don’t just hope for success. There are no guessing games when the answer is right in front of you

Reduce Chance of Loss

By knowing when to get out and when not to get in

Constantly Improve

Track patterns of your succeeding strategies, as well as those failing choices

Earn Your Accolades

Whether you start from the bottom or the top – adapt, elevate, overcome to cement your status

Elevate Your Game

Explore new strategies to develop a deeper understanding of the market

Rise Above The Rest


Put your portfolio to the ultimate test. Compete against your fellow Flow investors.

Improve your skills in the market. Access top performing strategies. Earn your reputation. Win real money.

Rise to the top!

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Conquer Competition

Join elite leagues competing against investors of every level, all around the world. 

Learn From The Best

By being part of this community, you learn from investors who’ve been through it and earned their mettle.

Earn Real Money 

The higher your rank on these elite leagues the more cash prizes we offer.

Elevate Your Skill

Compete against fellow players to develop your skills and access winning strategies

Rise To The Top

Stay ahead of the curve. Get better over time no matter what level you begin at.

Cement Your Status

Validate your accomplishments. Gain reputation in the investing community

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Been trading by myself for awhile. Wasn’t sure how my experience fit in with what other investors are doing, but with Flow now I know I’m one of the best and I have reputation points to prove it

Austin M.

This is great for beginners! I’ve been nervous to buy options but really wanted to get in the game. The app is easy to use, a bit better on a computer than phone. I’m just messing around for now, but have MADE MONEY! Excited to continue

Eve Rossi

Killer product. Exactly what you need if you're seriously getting into options trading

Jack Graham

Flow is amazing!! It’s allowed me to retire early! By bringing so much clarity to my decision making in stock I was able to retire early. I’ve been telling all my family to use it


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